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vinyl windows is the innovative solution for high tech world. Around the window industries,
vinyl windows is the innovative solution for high tech world. Around the window industries,

Air Chambers - Small honeycomb spaces within the sash and frame which help to insulate and strengthen the window
Condensation on windows occurs when the surface temperature of the glass (glazing), sash or frame is lower than that of the humid air around it. The moisture vapour in the air changes into liquid water on contact with these cold surfaces.
Custom Order Online warrants to the original purchaser that this product will be free from defects in workmanship for as long as the original purchaser resides in the home in which the products were installed in accordance with the recommendations and specifications set forth by COO. This warranty is subject to the limitations and conditions contained herein.
The rigid vinyl in the window is warranted against peeling, pitting, blistering, or corroding under normal use and service for the duration of the entire warranty. Any modification of the vinyl vs. any application applied to the vinyl substrate voids warranty as well as normal weathering.
Moving parts, such as balancers used on double hung windows and locking mechanisms used in all windows are warranted under normal use for as long as the purchaser owns and resides in the home where product was installed. Any damage caused by improper installation, vandalism, accident, fire, flood, explosion, misuse, or other external forces are not covered by this warranty.
The sealed insulated glass unit is warranted against defects resulting in material obstruction of view from film formation caused by dust or moisture between the interior surfaces of the sealed unit. Should the glass seal fail prior to year 5 from the purchase date, a new glass unit will be supplied at no cost excluding labor for any process needed to correct problem. Should the glass unit seal fail after year 5 resulting in any defect described above, you may pay a pro-rated cost the retail replacement prices of the new insulated glass unit based on the following: Year 5-10 40%, Year 11-15 50%, Year 16-20 70%, Year 21-25 80%, Year 26-30 90%. All V-Grooved units 50% of retail cost will be added.

This warranty does not include frost, freezing or condensation on windows. Condensation on glass or frames is not covered since it is a common occurrence on any window resulting form too much moisture in one's home/building. Stress cracks are warranted for 1 year for original purchase date. Inside forced draft is not a window problem and not covered. The improper dispersment of the heat ducts can cause cold air drafts that are not caused by the window system.

Real wood used in Bay, Bow, or Garden window fabrication must be sealed by either varnish or polyurethane immediately upon installation to prevent absorption or moisture and/or staining or discoloration due to not being protected by commercially acceptable bare wood preparation, varnish or polyurethane techniques. In addition, COO requires that each bow, bay and garden window unit, regardless of size, be knee braced or cable supported and insulated properly. Exposed exterior wood will need to be covered immediately by the installer to protect against any weather and/or weathering. A roof or soffit covering needs to be applied to tops of all windows. Any and all variation for the above mentioned requirements will void all warranties. Screen/screen material are covered against rotting for 6 months for the date of the order only. Brown and Green exteriors not warranted what so ever.

Windows cannot withstand pressure from a pressure washer. The pressure will break window seals therefore will void warranty.

This warranty only covers defects in manufacturing materials specified herein. Defects due to weather, accident, flood, fire or other Acts of God, riots, vandalism, pollutants, mildew build-up, impacts of foreign object, building settlement or structural failure of foundations, roofs or walls or excessive stress of temperature over the window surfaces, any installation or lack of insulation or any event or condition not within the control of COO are not covered. The owner's failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance of the product and windows repaired by outside companies will void all warranties.

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