Air Chambers - Small honeycomb spaces within the sash and frame which help to insulate and strengthen the window
Condensation on windows occurs when the surface temperature of the glass (glazing), sash or frame is lower than that of the humid air around it. The moisture vapour in the air changes into liquid water on contact with these cold surfaces.
Material Quality
All our vinyl windows are made from unplasticized PVC powder with impactors and UV protectors. Profiles are multi-chambered for better insulation and strength. Sashes in single and double-hung windows are tilt removable. The inner sash in single slider windows lifts up and out. Corners are fusion welded. The glass is 7/8" insulating glass made with PPG's intercept system. This method of construction assures a warm edge spacer which is also flexible to lessen the chance of seal failure. Low-E glass with argon gas is an option for increased insulation and UV protection. Decorative grilles in the air space are also available.
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