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vinyl is the innovative solution for all weather type environments and its high in energy efficiency
The key is, how its designed and engineered, not only the exterior look but the interior and wall stuctural with thickness in mind. AJR has built all in mind with our engineering experts to provide the best performance window system
Air Chambers - Small honeycomb spaces within the sash and frame which help to insulate and strengthen the window
Condensation on windows occurs when the surface temperature of the glass (glazing), sash or frame is lower than that of the humid air around it. The moisture vapour in the air changes into liquid water on contact with these cold surfaces.
vinyl windows is the innovative solution for high tech world. Around the window industries, we take pride in leadership of vinyl windows manufacturing. Higher quality comes at affordable cost with life time warrenty. You can choose your selection with our uniquely designed frames and window grills. Our growth is your satisfaction and we will gurentee it.
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All our vinyl windows are made from unplasticized PVC powder with impactors and UV protectors. Profiles are multi-chambered for better insulation and strength. Sashes in single and double-hung windows are tilt removable.
Custom Order Online warrants to the original purchaser that this product will be free from defects in workmanship for as long as the original purchaser resides in the home in which the products were installed in accordance with
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Low-emittance (Low-E) coating are microscopically thin, virtually invisible, metal or metallic oxide layers deposited on a window or skylight glazing surface primarily to reduce the U-factor by suppressing radiative heat flow. The principal mechanism of heat transfer in multilayer glazing is thermal radiation from a warm pane of glass to a cooler pane.
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